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Earth and Space

The Pointed  Heart 

Current Publications

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A Revolution of Masks
"In Our Words"
Queer Stories from Black, Indigenous and People of Color Writers

June 2021

“What are you going to do now?” Aldamine asked from behind him, gentle as ever.

            Sable looked up at her, full of resolve. He understood what real love was now. It wasn’t the fleeting, lustful arrangement he had with Borrin. It was this. Love was sacrifice.

“First, I’m going to bury my parents. Then I’m going to see about finishing what they started.”

Police Magic
Fiyah Lit Magazine 
Issue #1 "Rebirth"
"...His brother screamed in frustration which only made the motorcycle gang hoot and holler more. The Twisting made human interaction a brutal affair..."


It should have been a blessing to find love that young.

They would destroy our kin.

End them all!


Blood Song

Anathema Magazine 1, April 2017


Between Infinity


March 21

"Why couldn’t you stop it? It moves too fast.

When are you going to use the weapon? We haven’t proven it works.

How many lost? (at least this question is respectable) Too many to count."

"Cletus wanted to kiss the necromancer right then and there. Every nerve in his body desired him. The momentary embarrassment he felt washed away and was replaced by need. He pressed his hands against the necromancer’s chest."
Vanity Among Worms
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